Super Blood Wolf Moon 1/20/19
I was so excited to get out with my camera and snaps some pics of this epic moon situation last night. I had done my research, picked a park location, planned my shots with the help of an astronomy app (PhotoPills. Get it. It will change your life.) and picked out warm clothing. But the weather gods were not kind last night and decided to roll in snow clouds just as the full eclipse was due. 🤬 Needless to say, I was too pissed. Thank goodness for my OCD dog, however, who creates bizarre rules for herself that ‘must be followed’ or she has an anxiety attack. I stepped outside to take Sayuri for her “midnight pee” and noticed the cloud cover had broken! I ran inside and frantically grabbed my camera and tripod. I set everything up as fast as I could and was able to catch the penumbral eclipse in-between breaks of clouds and snowflakes.